We’ve been very busy these past couple of weeks and cannot wait to show you what great things we’ve come up with. What we can say right now is that in April, collaboration will be the keyword. After all, it’s only together that we can take the best possible care of our bees!


As social insects living in a colony, honey bees must communicate with one another. Honey bees use movement (dance language), pheromones, or vibrations. They use these communication methods to describe the precise location of the best foraging sites, as well as to keep their hierarchy and social life at the appropriate level. Following the example…

Best beekeeping practices

Best beekeeping  management practices should be adopted in the apiary by all beekeepers, whether they are hobbits or have years of experience. The goal is to improve bee health and reduce risks to colonies. Apiary Book offers valuable best practices on many topics, including – apiary and hive maintenance – bee diseases/pest and treatments – queen…

Varroa mites

Since the start of this project we received tons of feedback from beekeepers from around the world, and many suggestions have been implemented! It is important for us to build an app/platform that is useful and easy-to-use. “I tried new tab VARROA. Inside I can change things in the drop down menu that is pretty…

Apiary Book PRO

Knowledge is power and as a beekeeper you know this very well. Apiary Book PRO allows you to speak to beekeepers all over the world. This way you can exchange information, learn tips and tricks and apply best practices to your hives. In short: you can take better care of your bees! Learn more here:

FoodTech 500

The FoodTech 500 has just come out and we are more than proud that Apiary Book is featured! FoodTech 500 is the definitive list of global startup and scaleup success stories working at the intersection of food, technology and sustainability. Thank you to all our users that help us be better with every suggestion…

Apiary Book 4.10 update

Apiary Book 4.10 update is available on Google Play! We’re constantly working to improve your experience, here’s a summary of what has changed: – varroa mites monitoring – re-queen reminder for and orphan hive – various improvements and bug fixes Stay up-to-date: