Forage map

In both stationary and migratory beekeeping, the beekeeper must seek to place his colonies in or near areas where a sufficient quantity of honey plants exists, in season or throughout the year, within the economical flight range of the foragers. Read more about bee forage and floral calendars here.

Fun journey

The sentence “the foraging area around an apiary extends for two miles (3 km)” can be a good reason for a fun journey (i.e. together with your friends or family/kids). So, if you are curious about the geographical limit of the flight of your bees and you want to walk around half an hour, just…

Forage area

For bees, their forage or food supply consists of nectar and pollen from blooming plants within flight range. The foraging area around a beehive extends for two miles (3 km). The forage sources for honey bees are an important consideration for beekeepers. Reference: Wikipedia