Get things done, hands-free! Paulo Ribeiro wrote to us: “Love your app, but I usually take notes on paper when working on bees because it´s not practical for me to work on the smartphone with gloves on.” Using Apiary Book’s Voice Assistant you can talk to the app while you are performing inspections to your…

BEE grateful

“[…] here are 6 reasons to BEE grateful for our pollinators: 1. They improve our diets by providing micronutrient-rich foods 2. They give us honey 3. They have a great work ethic 4. They make our foods taste better 5. They increase food production and food security 6. They maintain biodiversity” http://www.fao.org/fao-stories/article/en/c/1127922/

Importance of bees

One of our objective is to help beekeepers to reduce bee colony losses, we strongly believe this can be achieved by applying best beekeeping practices, analyzing historical data and facilitating communication between all stakeholders involved. Read the following article, it is about decline of bee population numbers, pesticides impact on bee health, climate change. https://www.eitfood.eu/blog/post/searching-for-a-plan-bee-the-importance-of-bees-to-a-safe-food-supply

Voice Assistant

Apiary Book’s voice assistant allow you to record your beekeeping activities using just the voice. Please try in your language: – Take new note OR – Define new activity and use your voice to respond to the assistant questions (title and description for note, subject and description for todo item). Example (use your language): Assistant…

Voice Assistant

We’re happy to announce a major improvement to the Apiary Book app based on a lot of the feedback we’ve received from our community over the past year. Apiary Book’s new Voice Assistant app lets you use the app hands-free. It is designed to help beekeepers to record the activities performed in the apiary using…